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Andrew Frank Schoeppel

Politician. Republican. Born: November 23, 1894, Barton County, near Claflin; Died: January 21, 1962, Bethesda, Maryland; Buried Old Mission Cemetery, Wichita. Served as 29th Governor of Kansas: January 11, 1943, to January 13, 1947. Served in U.S. Senate: January 3, 1949, to January 21, 1962.

Andres Frank SchoeppelAndrew F. Schoeppel attended the University of Kansas from 1916-1918. He enlisted in the Naval Air Service during World War I. Upon the end of the war he enrolled in the University of Nebraska Law School. Although a native of Barton County, Schoeppel spent much of his youth in Ness City where he started a law practice in 1923.

Schoeppel began his political career as county attorney of Ness County and was also mayor of Ness City. He was governor of Kansas from 1943-1947.  At the age of 54, he was chosen to complete Senator Arthur Capper term in 1948.  Twice reelected, Senator Schoeppel died in office on January 21, 1962.

Entry: Schoeppel, Andrew Frank

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