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George H. Hodges

George HodgesPolitician, governor. Democrat. Born: February 6, 1866, Richland County, Wisconsin. Died: October 7, 1947, Kansas City, Missouri. Served as 19th Governor of Kansas: January 13, 1913, to January 11, 1915.

George H. Hodges was born in Richland County, Wisconsin, on February 6, 1866, and moved to Johnson County when he was just three years old. He operated a lumber business in Olathe before and after becoming Kansas' second Democratic governor. During the 1912 election that saw Hodges defeat Republican Arthur Capper in the gubernatorial contest, Kansas women were granted equal suffrage under the state's constitution. Hodges died in Kansas City, Missouri, on October 7, 1947.

Entry: Hodges, George H.

Author: Kristina Gaylord

Date Created: June 2011

Date Modified: May 2012

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