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Sheila Frahm

Politician. Republican. Born: March 22, 1945, Colby, Kansas. Served in U.S. Senate: June 11, 1996, to November 6, 1996.

The state's second woman U.S. Senator, Sheila Frahm, was born in Colby, Kansas, on March 22, 1945, and served on the State Board of Education, in the state legislature, and as lieutenant governor of Kansas before accepting appointment to the U.S. Senate upon the resignation of Senator Bob Dole, June 11, 1996. Frahm failed to capture the Republican nomination for the unexpired term and, after less than six months in office, November 5, 1996, left office in favor of the successful G.O.P. candidate, Sam Brownback.

Entry: Frahm, Sheila

Author: Kristina Gaylord

Date Created: June 2011

Date Modified: May 2012

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