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Women's rights included in discussions at Wyandotte Constitutional Convention, July 5, 1859Battle of Honey Springs, artist, born July 17, 1863Milburn Stone, actor, born July 5, 1904, Burrton

Kansapedia Topic: Aviators

Apt, Milburn G.
Astronauts from Kansas
Aviators and Aviation in Kansas
Axton, Mildred
Beech Aircraft Company
Beech, Olive Ann Mellor
Beech, Walter H.
Billard, L. Philip
Call, Henry
Cessna Aircraft Company
Cessna, Clyde
Cool Things - Amelia Earhart Christmas Cards
Cool Things - Boeing Model Airplane
Cool Things - Helicopter
Cool Things - Longren's Biplane
Earhart, Amelia
Engle, Joe
Evans, Ronald E.
Groves, Weldon K.
Hawley, Steven A.
Hibbard, Hall Livingstone
Hunt, A. E.
Lear Sr., William
Longren Airplane Company
Longren, Albin K.
Longren, Dolly Trent
Maneval, Rex W.
Martin, Glenn
Notable Events in Kansas History
Petersen, Frank E.
Purvis, William J.
Stearman, Lloyd
Travel Air Manufacturing Company
Wallace, Duane L.
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Thomas Bayne