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Kansapedia Topic: Civil War

African American Civil War Soldiers
Ball Gown Worn to Lincoln Inaugural
Battle of Black Jack
Blanton, Napoleon Bonaparte
Blunt's Flag
Blunt's Sword and Accoutrements
Civil War
Civil War Battle Flags
Civil War Guidons
Civil War Hat
Civil War Quilt
Civil War Saber and Revolvers
Civil War Valentines
Eighth Kansas Infantry Flag
First Kansas Colored Infantry
First Kansas Colored Infantry Flag
Frontier Guard
Harpers Ferry Revolver
Jennison's Jayhawkers
Kansas Territory - Timeline
Martin, John Alexander
Memento of Lincoln's Assassination
Miles, Nelson
Mine Creek Battle
Mine Creek Battle - October 25, 1864
Notable Events in Kansas History
Osage - Civil War Era
Pate, Henry Clay
Pioneer's Diary
Podcasts - 2006
Podcasts - 2012
Price Raid Painting
Quantrill's Flag
Quantrill's Raids
Quantrill, William Clarke
Second Kansas Colored Infantry flag
Slave narrative of William "Bill" Simms
Southern Rights Flag
Springfield Flag
Union Army Veterans Cannon
Wilson, Hiero Tennant
Women and the Underground Railroad