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George Washington Carver, botanist, born July 12, 1864Sara Lawrence Robinson, writer, born July 12, 1827Milburn Stone, actor, born July 5, 1904, Burrton

Kansapedia Topic: Civil War

African American Civil War Soldiers
Battle of Black Jack
Blanton, Napoleon Bonaparte
Civil War
Cool Things - Ball Gown Worn to Lincoln Inaugural
Cool Things - Civil War Battle Flags
Cool Things - Civil War Hat
Cool Things - Civil War Quilt
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Cool Things - Southern Rights Flag
Cool Things - Springfield Flag
Cool Things - Union Army Veterans Cannon
First Kansas Colored Infantry
Frontier Guard
Martin, John Alexander
Miles, Nelson
Mine Creek Battle
Mine Creek Battle - October 25, 1864
Notable Events in Kansas History
Quantrill, William Clarke
Springfield Flag
Women and the Underground Railroad