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April 14, 1935, during the Dust Bowl years, became known as Black SundayFrontier Guard, formed of Kansans on April 12, 1861, to protect President LincolnRural Electrification reached Kansas on April 1, 1938

Kansapedia Topic: Educators

Ackert, James E.
African American Teachers in Kansas
Bair, Sheila C.
Crawford, Nelson Antrim
Dyche, Lewis Lindsay
Eisenhower, Milton Stover
Gray-Little, Bernadette
Gregg, John A.
Hibbs, Ben
Hoopes, Helen Rhoda
Hoy, James F.
Ise, John C.
Kimball, Solon T.
McCarter, Margaret Hill
Mudge, Benjamin Franklin
Smith, Vernon L.
Snow, Francis Huntington
Sternberg, George F.
University of Kansas
White, Mary Ann Hatten
Williams, Mamie L.
Wooster, Elizabeth
Young, Isaac Daniel
Zook, George