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Wilt Chamberlain, KU basketball player, born August 21, 1936Quantrill's raid on Lawrence, August 21, 1863George F. Sternberg, paleontologist, born August 26, 1883, Lawrence

Kansapedia Topic: Infamous

Bender, Kate
Brown, Henry Newton
Burke, Fred
Cool Things - Bender Knife
Cool Things - Dalton Gang Souvenirs
Cool Things - Penitentiary Table
Cool Things - Prisoner Doll
Cool Things - Rifle from James Gang Shootout
Cool Things - Winchester Rifle
Corbett, Thomas P. Boston
Dalton, Emmett
Karpis, Alvin
Klan Painting
Lane, James Henry
Lowe, "Rowdy Joe" and "Rowdy Kate"
Mather, David "Mysterious Dave"
Montgomery, James
Thompson, Ben