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Lewis and Clark in Kansas, June 26-July 9, 1804Wyandotte Constitution, created July 5, 1859, became the state constitution.Kansas State Capitol, Topeka, constructed 1866-1903

Kansapedia Topic: Military

Abbott Howitzer
Adams, Stanley
African American Civil War Soldiers
American Legion
Apt, Milburn G.
Army City, Kansas
Atchison, David Rice
Axton, Mildred
Battle Flags of Kansas
Battle of Arikaree 1868
Bauer, Harold
Bestwick, Wilbur
Bleckley, Erwin
Blunt's Sword and Accoutrements
Buffalo Soldiers
Camp Funston
Civil Defense-Boeing Company Shelter
Civil Defense-Reno County Courthouse Shelter
Civil War
Civil War Monuments in Kansas
Civil War Saber and Revolvers
Colmery, Harry Walter
Congressional Medal of Honor
Cool Things - Admit Me Free Flag
Cool Things - African American Officer's Saber
Cool Things - Band Conductor's Baton
Cool Things - Blunt's Flag
Cool Things - Boeing Model Airplane
Cool Things - Civil War Battle Flags
Cool Things - Civil War Guidons
Cool Things - Civil War Hat
Cool Things - Civil War Valentines
Cool Things - Colonial Rifle
Cool Things - Custer's Boots
Cool Things - Custer's Dumbbell
Cool Things - Eighth Kansas Infantry Flag
Cool Things - Enforce the Laws Flag
Cool Things - First Kansas Colored Infantry Flag
Cool Things - Flag Quilt
Cool Things - Fort Hays Dress Jacket
Cool Things - Free-State Battery Photo
Cool Things - Fremont Campaign Flags
Cool Things - Gunsmithing Tools
Cool Things - Ike Jacket
Cool Things - Influenza Sign
Cool Things - Japanese Footwear
Cool Things - Kansas Canals Map
Cool Things - Korean War Anniversary
Cool Things - Merci Train Gifts
Cool Things - Nurse's Uniform
Cool Things - Old Kickapoo Cannon
Cool Things - Pioneer's Diary
Cool Things - Pipe Tomahawk
Cool Things - Portable Stove
Cool Things - Price Raid Painting
Cool Things - Purple Heart Medal
Cool Things - Second Kansas Colored Infantry flag
Cool Things - Service Flag
Cool Things - Southern Rights Flag
Cool Things - Souvenir Handkerchief
Cool Things - Spanish-American War Flag
Cool Things - Springfield Flag
Cool Things - Uncle Sam Army Recruitment Poster
Cool Things - Veterinary Reserve Corps Jacket
Cool Things - Victory Banner
Cool Things - World War I Memorial Card
Cool Things - World War I Navy Uniform
Cowan, Richard
Custer's Last Rally Lithograph
Custer, George Armstrong
Denny, John
Desert Storm Uniform
Deuell, Peggy Hull
Donald P. Richards
Ehlers, Walter
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Elizabeth Polly
Ermey, Ronald Lee
Ferguson, Arthur
First Kansas Colored Infantry
Forbes Field: 548th Strategic Missile Squadron
Fort Ellsworth
Fort Ellsworth/Fort Harker Timeline
Fort Hays
Fort Leavenworth
Fort Riley
Fort Scott
Foster, Paul
Frontier Forts
Frontier Guard
Funston, Frederick
G. I. Bill of Rights
Gates, Robert
Gingrich, John E.
Grand Army of the Republic
Gregg, John A.
Groves, Weldon K.
Gygax, Felix
Harbord, James G.
Hawkins, William
Historic Forts
Hoisington, Elizabeth
Hughes, James Clark
Jabara, James
Jabara, James
Jennison's Jayhawkers
Kansas City: Nike-Hercules Missile Defense Area
Kansas Military Timeline
Kansas Territory - Timeline
Kapaun, Emil
Korean War Pajamas
Leavenworth Soldiers Home
Martin, John Alexander
Massacre at Walnut Creek
McGonagle, William
Medals, awards, and recognitions
Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty
Mexican American Soldiers in World War II
Mills, Billy
Mine Creek Battle - October 25, 1864
Myers, Richard
Osage - Warfare History
Pearl Harbor flag
Pitts, Riley Leroy
Plains Wars
Quantrill's Flag
Quantrill, William Clarke
Rosie the Riveter
Ross, Donald K.
Seventh U.S. Cavalry
Sheridan, Philip
Spanish-American War
Springfield Flag
Thanksgiving Day football game, 1917
Timmerman, Grant
Titus Sword and Scabbard
Union Army Veterans Cannon
Walt, Lewis
War Lance
War Letters from World War I & II
Welch, Larry D.
Wichita Airplane Crash 1965
World War I