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David J. Brewer, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, born June 20, 1837, Smyrna, Asia Minor.George T. Anthony, governor, born June 9, 1884, Mayfield, New YorkMitsugi Ohno, artist and scientist, born June 28, 1926, Japan.

Kansapedia Topic: Reform Movements

Beecher Bibles
Cannon, Laura A.
Children in Kansas - 1890s-1920s
Cool Things - Carry Nation Lecture Poster
Cool Things - Carry Nation Portrait
Cool Things - Carry Nation's Purse
Emigrant Aid Societies
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Legislative War
Moneka Woman's Rights Association
Movie Censors
Movie Censors
Progressive Movement
Salvation Army in Kansas
Underground Railroad
Woman's Christian Temperance Union