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Dust Bowl Black Sunday covers Kansas, April 14, 1935Rural Electrification reaches Kansas, April 1, 1938Pony Express begins, April 3, 1860

Kansapedia Topic: Settlement

British in Kansas
Cool Things - Baby Carriage
Cool Things - Ballot Box
Cool Things - Horn Furniture
Cool Things - Immigrant's Violin
Cool Things - Log House
Cool Things - Paisley Shawl
Cool Things - Stove Tools from Sod House
Emigrant Aid Societies
French Settlers in Kansas
Gardening in Kansas
German Settlers in Kansas
Germans from Russia in Kansas
Grasshopper Plague of 1874
Homestead Act
Housing in Kansas History
Humbargar Family of Saline County
Isaac T. Goodnow
Jewish Farming Communities
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty
Notable Events in Kansas History
Railroad Land Grants
Robinson, Sara Lawrence
Schmidt, C. B.
Settlement in Kansas