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Wyandotte Constitutional Convention - Biographies

Thirty-five Republicans and 17 Democrats were chosen to attend the Wyandotte Constitutional Convention, June 17-July 5, 1859—the first time delegates carried these now familiar party labels, the Republican Party having been formed in the territory just a few weeks before—and although there was much debate and disagreement, they conducted most of their business with civility.

James M. Winchel

James M. Arthur

John T. Barton

James Blood

Newman C. Blood

James Gillpatrick Blunt

Frederick Brown

Jonathan Coleman Burnett

John Taylor Burris

Allen Crocker

William Parker Dutton

John W. Forman

Robert Cole Foster, Jr.

Robert Graham

John P. Greer

William Riley Griffith

James Hanway

Samuel Hipple

Samuel E. Hoffman

Samuel Dexter Houston

Elijah M. Hubbard

William Hutchinson

John James Ingalls

Samuel Austin Kingman

Josiah Lamb

George H. Lillie

Clark B. McClellan

William McCulloch

Adam D. McCune

William C. McDowell

Caleb May

John A. Middleton

Ephraim Moore

Luther R. Palmer

Pascal Shelburn Parks

William Perry

Robert J. Porter

Hiram Dustin Preston

John RitchieJohn Ritchie

Edmund G. Ross

James Hunt Signor

Benjamin Franklin Simpson

John P. Slough

John Stiarwalt

Samuel Adams Stinson

Edwin Stokes

Solon Otis Thacher

P. H. Townsend

Ralph Lindsay Williams

John Wright

Thomas S. Wright

Benjamin Wrigley

Entry: Wyandotte Constitutional Convention - Biographies

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