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Grant from NHPRC

The board strongly encourages applicants to discuss their proposals with the board and to submit drafts of applications one month in advance of NHPRC deadlines for advice and technical assistance. The board reserves the right to decline to evaluate applications which fail to meet this deadline.

Potential applicants should use the following checklist:

1. Discuss the problems you are seeking to address and your ideas for grant applications with board members and the staff at the Kansas Historical Society who represent the board.

2. Obtain the program guidelines from either the board or NHPRC. Several types of projects have special guidelines.

3. Discuss your proposal further with the board and also NHPRC staff and determine which submission deadline is most appropriate.

4. Submit draft of proposal to NHPRC staff two months in advance of the deadline and to the state board one month in advance.

The Kansas State Historical Records Advisory Board encourages as well as evaluates grant proposals to NHPRC. The board requests Kansas institutions to explore with it all possibilities for grant proposals which fall within NHPRC's guidelines and especially welcomes proposals which fall directly under the board's three goals. The significance of the records to be preserved and the extent to which they are endangered will be important considerations to the board. Moreover, the board seeks proposals within these areas of priority which are cooperative and innovative or which relate to the records of under-documented communities -- groups such as blacks, women, and Native Americans. Materials which document special Kansas themes such as agriculture and rural life also stand a good chance of recommendation.