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Moses Grinter operated a ferry that crossed the Kansas River in Wyandotte County. The ferry was used by troops traveling between Fort Leavenworth and Fort Scott along the Permanent Military Indian Frontier. Moses lived with his wife, Anna, a Lenape (Delaware) who had been relocated to present-day Wyandotte County under the administration of the Fort Leavenworth Indian Agency. In 1857 the Grinters completed construction on a two-story brick home that is preserved today as the oldest residence in Wyandotte County.


As the result of a long series of wars beginning in colonial times, the United States by the early 1820s contained a large subject population of Native Americans.  more

State Historic Site

Moses and Anna's later descendants sold the home to a family who operated it as a chicken-dinner restaurant until the mid 1960s. Through the assistance of the Junior League of Kansas City, Kansas, and the Grinter Place Friends, the state of Kansas acquired the site in 1971, when it was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The state now administers the former Grinter residence as a state historic site.



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Many find the Grinter Place Friends visitor center ideal for their meetings, events, and parties. more

Grinter Place Friends

This organization helps support the state historic site.