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Indian Homes in Kansas - Trunk Contents

This trunk contains:

Teaching Manual with worksheets and transparencies

22 Photos

30 Sentence strips with and pocket chart and corresponding picture clue cards

2 Books:

  • Cassie's Scrapbook
  • Houses and Homes

Scale models:

  • Earth Lodge
  • Grass House
  • Tipi


  • Scapula hoe blade
  • Digging stick
  • Pole (sample)
  • Scraper (bone and stone tool)
  • Rawhide strip
  • Bark rope
  • Grassing needle (bone tool)
  • Flesher (bone tool)
  • Tanned hide (sample)
  • Sinew
  • Awl (bone tool)

Kansas floor map

Tipi (miniature cover and lacing pins)


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