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During 1854-1855 many Northern newspapers urged people to move to Kansas, a new land of opportunity. The pioneer family could cultivate fertile land, enjoy the peaceful countryside, and protect the territory from the spread of slavery. This was the dream of Samuel and Florella Adair, both graduates of Oberlin, a progressive coeducational and biracial college in Ohio. Samuel finished his theology program while he courted Florella. Then they married and moved westward. more

State Historic Site

In 1912 the Adair cabin was dismantled and relocated to the John Brown Memorial Park. In 1928 the state of Kansas appropriated $6,000 of a stone pergola to surround the cabin, protecting it from further deterioration. The state legislature appointed the Kansas Historical Society to maintain the site, and it does so in partnership with the city of Osawatomie. The site was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.



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Friends of John Brown Museum

The Friends John Brown Museum support the site through event planning and fundraising. For more information call 913-755-4384.