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Kansas Historical Quarterly - November 1933

Kansas Historical Quarterly, November 1933

Volume 2

November 1933, No. 4

Cover and contents

Douglas C. McMurtrie, "The Shawnee Sun: The First Periodical Publication in the United States to be Printed Wholly in an Indian Language," p. 339. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

George A. Root, "Ferries in Kansas: Part II--Kansas River--Cont.," p. 343.

Russell Hickman, "The Vegetarian and Octagon Settlement Companies," p. 377. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson)

Frank Heywood Hodder, "The John Brown Pikes," p. 386. (Volunteer: Lynn Nelson) | PDF

Kansas History as Published in the Press, p. 391.

Kansas Historical Notes, p. 400.

Errata to Volume II, p. 402.