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Kansas History Day, 2007 Results

These images were taken at the Awards Ceremony on Kansas History Day, Saturday, April 28, 2007, at the Washburn University Memorial Union in Topeka.


Jr. Historical Paper - first place - Yunmei Li

Junior Historical Paper

First Place

Yunmei Li, Marlatt Elementary, Manhattan

"The Great Quake: A Triumphant Tragedy in San Francisco"

Teacher - Terry Healy

Received $100 Kansas City Area Archivists scholarship.





Jr. Historical Paper - second place - Joanna Epp


Second Place

Joanna Epp,Chisholm Middle, Newton

"The Titanic: From Ship of the Century to Disaster of the Century"

Teacher - Marcia Neal






Junior Individual Exhibit

From Soil to Dust to Conservation

Jr. Individual Exhibit - first place - Emily Simpson


First Place

Emily Simpson, Uniontown Junior High, Uniontown

"From Soil to Dust to Conservation: The Story of the Soil on the Great Plains"

Teacher - Sara Jackman

Received $100 Kansas Museums Association scholarship.





The Defence of Fort McHenry

Second PlaceJr. Individual Exhibit - second place - Nick Gideon

Nick Gideon, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"The 'Defence of Fort McHenry': One Poet's Patriotic Vision"

Teacher - Travis Lamb






Junior Group Exhibit

Photographer Lewis W. Hine

Beardmore and Evans, 1st place, Jr group exhibitFirst Place

Colby Beardmore and Bailey Evans, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"Photographer Lewis W. Hine: Exposing the Dangerous World of Child Labor to Develop Protective Child Labor Laws"

Teacher - Travis Lamb

Received $200 Kansas Historical Society, Inc. scholarship.



Marie Curie:  A Tragic Success

Frank and Stone, 2nd place, Jr. group exhibitSecond Place

Lindsay Frank and Anne Stone, Ottawa Middle School, Ottawa

"Marie Curie: A Tragic Success"

Teacher - Keith Entress






Junior Individual Performance

Shelby Carpenter, 1st place, Jr. Individual PerformanceFirst Place

Shelby Carpenter, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"One Woman's Voice from the Oregon Trail: Abigail Scott Duniway's Traumatic Journey and Triumphant Fight for Women's Suffrage in the New Frontier" 

Teacher - Travis Lamb

Received $100 Lawrence-Kaw Valley Corral of Westerners scholarship.




Taylor Bailey - Second place - Jr. Individual Performance


Second Place:

Taylor Bailey, Fort Scott Middle School, Fort Scott

"Typhoid Trauma"

Teacher - Michelle Brittain






Junior Group Performance

First PlaceLamb and Lui - First Place - Jr. Group Performance

Soren Lamb and Nyalia Lui, Topeka Collegiate, Topeka

"Unshackling the Mind of the Oppressed: Biko's Black Consciousness and the Triumphant Downfall of Apartheid"

Teacher - John MacDonald


Received $200 Kansas Historical Society, Inc. scholarship


Second Place

 Kremer, Moore, Omo, and Shaub - Second Place - Jr. Group Performances

Lauren Kremer, Rachel Moore, Kara Omo, and Liz Shaub, Maize Middle School, Maize

"Alicia Jurman: Triumphing Over the Tragedy of the Holocaust"

Teacher - Vicki Vernon




Junior Individual Documentary

Kayla DuBois - 1st place - Jr. Individual Documentary

First Place

Kayla DuBois, Washburn Rural Middle School, Topeka

"Dear Mr. Davis: A Family's Search for the Truth"

Teacher - Donna Sanders

Received $100 Kansas Heritage Center scholarship and the Greater Kansas City Scholarship Award





Elsa Goosen - 2nd Place - Jr. Individual Documentary

Second Place

Elsa Goossen, Washburn Rural Middle School, Topeka

"'For Us There Is No Return': Mennonite Journeys Out of Russia"

Teacher - Donna Sanders






Junior Group Documentary

Myers, Pffanenstiel, and Richards - First Place - Jr. Group Documentary

First Place

Phebe Myers, Calvert Pfannenstiel, and Anrai Richards, Lawrence Central Junior High, Lawrence

"'War of all Wars': The Tragedy of Chernobyl, The Triumphant Consequence of Perestroika"

Teacher - Tari Perdue

Received $400 Kansas Council for the Social Studies scholarship.




Farr, Frydman, and Limesand - Second Place - Jr. Group Documentaries


Second Place

Liza Farr, Alyson Frydman, and Zoe Limesand, Lawrence Central Junior High, Lawrence

"Cold Blooded Murder - The Tragedy of the Soweto Uprising; A Triumph Against the South African Apartheid"

Teacher - Tari Perdue





Senior Historical PaperElaine Davis, First place, Sr. historical paper

First Place

Elaine Davis, Seaman High School, Topeka

"The Jungle's Tangled Legacy"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer

Received $100 Kansas Corral of Westerners scholarship




Julie Scherer - Second Place - Sr. Historical PaperSecond Place

Julie Scherer, Wamego High School, Wamego

"From Practically Unsinkable to the Atlantic's Ocean Floor: R.M.S. Titanic"

Teacher - Marcia Fox






Senior Individual Exhibit

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Stephanie Jian - First place - Sr. individual exhibitFirst Place

Stephanie Jian, Lawrence High, Lawrence

Teacher, Mike Ortmann

"The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: A Tragic Triumph for Industrial Democracy"

Received $100 Smoky Hill Museum scholarship.





Lindbergh: Triumph and Tragedy

Patrick Hannah - Second Place - Sr. Individual Exhibit

Second Place

Patrick Hannah, Lawrence High, Lawrence

Teacher, Mike Ortmann

"Lindbergh: Triumph and Tragedy"






Senior Group Exhibit


Artzer, Meyer, Reed, and Simons - 1st place - Sr. group exhibitFirst Place

Dillon Artzer, Le Ann Meyer, Morgan Reed, and Jarrod Simons, Seaman High School, Topeka

Teacher, Susan Sittenauer


Received $200 Kansas Corral of Westerners scholarship.





This Little Light of Mine

Boyd, Schoof, and Shepard - Second Place - Sr. Group Exhibit

Second Place

Courtney Boyd, Jessica Schoof, and Kylie Shepard, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

"This Little Light of Mine"

Teacher - Norm Conard





Senior Individual Performance

 Timmia Hearn-Feldman - First Place - Sr. Individual Performance

First Place

Timmia Hearn Feldman, Lawrence High, Lawrence

"'You Have No Right To Do As You Like With Me' Harriet Jacobs: Triumph Through Oppression"

Teacher - Mike Ortmann

Received $100 Kansas Council of the Social Studies scholarship





Rebekah De Moss - Second Place - Sr. Individual Performance

Second Place

Rebekah DeMoss, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

Teacher, Norm Conard

"Triumph and Tragedy in Przemysl"





Senior Group Performance

McKinnins, Query, Smith, Spainhoward, and Stewart - First Place - Sr. Group Performance

First Place

Gage McKinnins, Melissa Query, Kaity Smith, Katie Spainhoward, and Travis Stewart, Uniontown High School, Uniontown

"When Light Pierced the Darkness"

Teacher - Norm Conard

Received $200 Kansas Association of Historians scholarship.


Second Place

Boyer and Samp - Second Place - Sr. Group Performance

Alex Boyer and Jon Samp, Lawrence High, Lawrence

"Triumph and Tragedy: The Seige of Bastogne"

Teacher - Mike Ortmann








Senior Individual Documentary

Samuel Huneke - First place - Sr. Individual DocumentaryFirst Place

Samuel Huneke, Lawrence High, Lawrence

"Democracy in the Heart of Europe: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Czechoslovak Republic"

Teacher - Mike Ortmann

Received $100 Kansas Historical Society, Inc. scholarship.




Sarah Swearer - Second Place - Sr. Individual Documentary

Second Place

Sarah Swearer, Hutchinson High, Hutchinson

"Third Time's a Charm: The Triump of Women's Suffrage in Kansas"

Teacher - Nathan Henry






Senior Group Documentary

Cortese, Lodwick, and O'Malley - First Place - Sr. Group Documentary

First Place

Sara Cortese, Hannah Lodwick, and Rosemary O'Malley, Lawrence Free State High, Lawrence

"'If in Barbed Wire Things Can Bloom, Why Couldn't I? I will not die, I will not die.'"

Teacher - Chuck Law

Received $400 Fort Larned Old Guard, Fort Larned National Historic Site scholarship.





Alexander and Buchanan - Second Place - Senior Group Documentary

Second Place

Rachel Alexander and Krystal Buchanan, Seaman High School, Topeka

"Orphan Trains: A Place to Belong"

Teacher - Susan Sittenauer






Additional Special Award

Bleeding Kansas Heritage Area Award to Hannah Frydman

Bleeding Kansas Heritage Area Award

Hannah Frydman, Lawrence Free State High School, Lawrence - Senior Individual Documentary

"'Hopeful for Liberty': Clarina Nichols' Crusade for Women's Rights in Kansas"