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Kansas Places

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Men on a fishing trip, 1920s.

Index includes:

  • Post Offices
    The database can be searched by date, town or county to find every known Kansas post office with its dates of operation.
  • Little Known or Extinct Towns of Kansas ("Dead Towns")
    Index of approximately 4500 Kansas towns from the territorial period to ca. 1940.
  • Townships in Kansas
    In Kansas, townships are a government entity larger than a town or city but smaller than a county.
  • Counties
    Brief histories of current and former Kansas counties with a map showing their location and links to additional resources.
  • Cemeteries in Kansas, 1906
    A list of Kansas cemeteries, published in 1906, that gives the cemetery location, but not the names of the people buried there.

Other Resources:

Riley County map, 1874Property Ownership Maps
Kansas county maps that show land owners.

Telephone, City and Farm Directories
The earliest of these pre-date telephone books and include more information about the residents. Some have reverse directories that list residents in address order.

Topeka Building Permits Index, 1880-1914
This database can be searched by street address or by the year the permit was issued.

House History Checklist
Lists sources in the State Archives & Library for researching historic houses and buildings.

Aerial photos of Kansas on Kansas Memory
The Archives has additional aerial photos available for most Kansas counties. Some digitized aerial photos are also available from the Kansas Data Access and Support Center.

National & State Register of Historic Places in Kansas

The Official State Atlas of Kansas, L. H. Everts & Co., 1887, on the University of Kansas Map Library website.

Sanborn Maps Of Kansas Towns
Detailed maps of business areas of selected towns that were created for fire insurance purposes. Maps that are no longer copyrighted are available online at University of Kansas Digital Commons website.