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Kansas State Capitol - Tour tips

Welcome to the Kansas State Capitol, home to the executive and legislative branches of Kansas government. The Kansas State Capitol Visitor Center is located on the ground level at the semi-circular drive entrance on SW 8th Avenue.

Because several hundred people work in the Capitol, we ask that teachers and group leaders share these expectations with their groups prior to the tour.

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  • Use classroom voices. With the marble and high ceilings, voices tend to echo and become loud. For the safety of your group, please remind them to behave appropriately.
  • Arrive on time. Late arrival could result in an abbreviated tour. All visitors must enter through the Capitol Police Security checkpoint; groups should arrive early enough to accommodate the security check.
  • Inform the guide of any special needs before the tour. Tours can be altered to accommodate special requests.
  • Restroom visits should be made prior to starting the tour.
  • Group size is approximately 20 to 25 people per guide. Larger groups will be divided and assigned to additional guides. Notify us of significant changes in your group size before the tour date.
  • A visit with your legislator can be scheduled through his or her individual office. Contact information is available through Legislative Services at 785-296-2391 or kslegislature.org; go to "Find Your Legislator." Groups may observe the session in the House or Senate galleries before or after the tour.
  • Photographs can be taken in any part of the building, except when the legislators are in session. Photographs are not permitted in the House or Senate while legislators are meeting.
  • All visitors must enter and exit through the SW 8th Avenue ground level doors.

Thank you for visiting the Kansas State Capitol. We hope you enjoy your tour of the wonderful and historic building. Come back again. We will be happy to schedule a tour for next year as well.