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Board and donor endowed funds

The following funds provide approximately $56,000 each year to the Kansas Historical Society for the areas described. They have either been designated permanently endowed by a donor(s) or designated temporarily endowed by the executive committee of the Kansas Historical Foundation to ensure key priorities are funded. You can add to or create your own named endowed fund by contacting Vicky Henley at 785-272-8681, ext, 201, or vhenley@kshs.org.

Programming Funds

  • Merle and Ruby Lee Chaney Fund - The executive committee declared these funds to be “board endowed” and the annual earnings per the spending policy to be used to support Historical Society programming.
  • Mary Jayne and Gerald Nice Fund - Mary Jayne was member of the board emeriti. Annual proceeds from this board endowed fund support Historical Society programming each year.

Acquisitions Funds

  • Ralph E. and Marjorie L. Crump Endowment for Archives Acquisitions - Ralph and Marjorie Crump donated stock to the Historical Society and in 2000 with the approval from the Crumps, the executive committee “board endowed” the fund to enhance the research collections of the Historical Society. Materials are purchased that add to our understanding of Kansas history. Recent acquisition utilizing these funds were the letters of John Brown, Jr. You may view them online at Kansas Memory.
  • Ross Acquisition - The earnings from this permanently restricted fund are to purchase acquisitions to any of collections of the Kansas Historical Society. The collections include archeology, state archives, and museum artifacts.

Research, Publication, and Internship Funds

  • Alfred M. Landon Historical Research Grant Fund - Governor Landon’s family created this endowed fund after his passing for research at the Kansas Historical Society. Grants of $1,000 are awarded annually. When earnings allow a second award is granted.  more
  • Marylouise Meder Internship Fund - Dr. Marylouise Meder had a lifelong career in library science, working in college libraries and later teaching at Emporia State University. Her wish to endow a fund for internships with the State Archives was honored by the executive committee at her passing.
  • John Ripley Fund - The Ripley fund supports internships with the Kansas Historical Society to be selected from students at Washburn University and/or residents of Shawnee County. The fund also supports small grants to local historical societies to be used for historical publications.
  • Edward N. Tihen Kansas Publication Award (biennial) and Edward N. Tihen Historic Research Grant (annual) - The annual research grant of up to $500 goes to original research on any aspect of Kansas history, which will lead to a published paper. more  The publication award of $500 has a preference for amateur historians for their work and is awarded biennially in odd years. more

Funds to Support State Historic Sites

  • Richard A. Mermis Jr. - The bequest from Richard Mermis was the single largest gift from an individual to the Kansas Historical Foundation. This permanently restricted endowment supports Cottonwood Ranch State Historic Site for landscaping and preservation.
  • Robert Quinn Rohde Endowment - This permanently donor endowed fund will support the advancement of Kansas history education through programming and promotion of the historic sites.