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Board of directors

The Kansas Historical Foundation is governed by a board of directors of between 36 and 90 directors. Each member serves a three-year term.

Three directors are appointed by the governor of Kansas and the remaining are elected from among the members of the Kansas Historical Foundation the annual meeting in November. Members of the board provide financial, legal, and ethical oversight of the organization and enhance its public standing.


Jack Alexander

Carol Bales

Deborah Barker

Donita Barone

Angela Bates

Michael Baughn

Edward Beasley, Jr.

Steve Bitner

George Briedenthal, Jr.

Paul M. Buchanan

E. Dean Carlson

Hoite Caston

Yolanda Chamberlin

Don Chubb

Shelly Hickman Clark

D. Cheryl Collins

Crystal L. Walker Ecton

J. Eric Engstrom

David Heinemann

Cheryl Brown Henderson

Katie Herrick

Merle J. "Boo" Hodges

Michael H. Hoeflich

Daniel D. Holt

Nancy E. Holt

Lidia J. Hook-Gray

Quentin Hope

James F. Hoy

William A. Kassebaum

Rep. Annie Kuether

James Maag

John Mallon

Barbara Morris

John Pinegar

Mark Reddig

James Reynolds

Reginald L. Robinson

Jennie Rose

Hal Ross

Dru Sampson

F. Dave Seaton

James E. Sherow

Herschel L. Stroud

Michael Stubbs

Paul Stuewe

Loren L. Taylor

James A. Thomas

Mary Ann Thompson

Mary E. Turkington

Richard B. Walker

Dave Webb

R. Reed Whitaker

June Windscheffel