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Honorary board

Senator Bob Dole accepted the executive committee's invitation to be the first person to serve on the Kansas Historical Foundation Honorary Board. The new board will be comprised of those persons who have contributed substantially to the history of Kansas and those who continue to contribute substantially to the betterment of the Kansas Historical Society. Also see our current board of directors.

Robert S. Bader

Harry J. Briscoe

John W. Carlin

E. Dean Carlson

Charles E. Clark

Mary Cottom

Tim Cruz

David A. Dary

Bob Dole

Paul V. Dugan, Sr.

William C. Ellington

Richard L. Ferrell

Shelia Frahm

Karen M. Graves

Ruth Kelly Hayden

Jerilyn Henrikson

Merle J. "Boo" Hodges






Kathleen Holt

Schuyler Mead Jones

Nancy Landon Kassebaum

Robert M. Kroenert

Bill Kurtis

Audrey H. Langworthy

James Logan

Charles F. McAfee

William C. McKale

Barbara Magerl

Leo E. Oliva

Max W. Prosser

Mary C. Regan

Richard D. Rogers

Joanna L. Stratton Roze

Alicia L. Salisbury

David R. Shepherd

James R. Shortridge




Jack Sprague

Clinton L. Stalker, Jr.

Ellen May Stanley

William M. Tsutsui

William E. Unrau

Mark A. Viets

William O. Wagnon, Jr.

R. Reed Whitaker

John E. Wickman

Don W. Wilson

Robert E. Yarmer