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KSHS Teacher eNews

May 2016

Project Archaeology

Discover how Project Archaeology fosters an understanding of past and present cultures while it improves social studies, science, and literacy education.

Brown Center, Cowley College
2156 S 2nd Street * Arkansas City

  • Instruction in the basics of scientific inquiry, using archaeological data to investigate and interpret past cultures.
  • Standards-based curriculum appropriate for, but not limited to, grades three through eight.
  • Materials provided at no charge.
    • Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter (endorsed by the National Council for the Social Studies)
    • Intrigue of the Past (facilitator training only)
    • The Archaeology of Wichita Indian Shelter in Kansas
    • The Archaeology of Early Agriculture in Kansas
    • Migration of the Pueblo People to El Cuartelejo
  • Tour of sites related to the Etzanoa Archaeological Project
  • Two college credit hours, offered through Baker University, or professional development points available. Tuition is $65 per hour.
  • Facilitator training available for participants interested in teaching Project Archaeology materials to other instructors.

Enrollment is limited to 25 people. Application deadline is July 1, 2016.

Mail completed form to Virginia Wulfkuhle, Kansas Historical Society, 6425 SW 6th Avenue, Topeka KS 66615-1099.

Teacher resources

Let IKE: Interactive Kansas Educator take you class on a remote guided tour of the Kansas Museum of History, grades K-12.

Encourage your students to enter the Happy Birthday, Kansas! Student Photo Contest! 12 First place prizes, first through 12 grade, are iPads; 12 second place prizes are Kindles. Contest runs August 1 through November 1. Awards presented at the Kansas State Capitol as part of Kansas Day celebration, January 27, 2017.

Spanish translations to the primary Read Kansas! lessons are now available.

Bring history to your classroom with a traveling resource trunk. Reserve now for your Kansas Day lesson.

Kansas Historical Society calendar of events.