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About local records schedules

Local records retention and disposition schedules identify categories of records generated by Kansas local governments and establish the length of time these records must be retained.  The schedules are approved by the Kansas State Records Board in accordance with K.S.A. 45-404. 

Compliance with local records retention schedules is mandatory for Kansas county offices, but not for other local government entities like cities or townships. Kansas municipalities are encouraged to use the local records schedules as a guideline for preparing their own retention and disposition schedules.  See Municipal Government Records Management for additional guidance.

The general schedule includes records common to all local government entities, while the office-specific schedules are customized schedules addressing the records of a single office.

Because records reflect activities that are constantly changing, the retention requirements for them sometimes require revision as well. Consequently, records retention and disposition schedules, including this general one, often need modification or additions in order to be realistic and effective. Furthermore, because government is so large, it is impractical to consult every division regarding specific schedule entries. There may be some retention periods and disposition requirements within this schedule that fail to account for all relevant factors and there may be some important common record series not addressed here which need to be added. The State Historical Society's Records Management Section and the State Records Board welcome all comments and suggestions concerned with improvement