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Microfilm - Pratt County

Below is an inventory of our local government records microfilm holdings for this county. In the interest of time, we have listed only inclusive dates and reel numbers (i.e. Marriage record, 1856-1920 [AR 2128-2131]). Contact the reference staff by phone (785-272-8681, ext. 116 or 117) or e-mail if you require a reel number that falls between the inclusive numbers listed. Please see our inter-library loan page for information on how to request loans to any public library.

Pratt County

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Clerk's and Treasurer's record books for Mount Pleasant School, district #81, 1937-1948 [AR 1930]

Record of organization and boundaries of school districts, 1878-1966 [AR 1930]

Record of teachers employed, 1882-1936 [AR 1930]

School register for Mount Pleasant School, district #81, 1929-1935 [AR 1930]