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Mine Creek Battlefield - About


On September 19, 1864, General Sterling Price led a Confederate army of about twelve thousand men across the southern border of Missouri. He hoped to capture that state for the South. His orders were to "Rally the loyal men of Missouri" and fill his ranks with fresh recruits. If "compelled to withdraw from the State," Price was to make his "retreat through Kansas . . . sweeping that country of its mules, horses, cattle, and military supplies of all kinds."  more

State Historic Site

In 1974 the Kansas legislature approved acquisition of a 120-acre parcel of the battlefield site. An additional 160 acres was purchased in 1978. The site was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. A visitor center opened at the site in 1998, in observance of the 134th anniversary of the battle.



Lisa Berg

Mine Creek Battlefield Foundation

This foundation plays an active role in fundraising efforts for the site. You are invited to join Mine Creek Battlefield Foundation by calling 913-352-8890.