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Pawnee Indian Museum State Historic Site, RepublicPawnee Indian Museum State Historic Site, RepublicPawnee Indian Museum State Historic Site, Republic

Pawnee Indian Museum - Exhibits

Pawnee Indian Museum exhibits are featured surrounding the excavated earth lodge floor, and along the trail.


The museum is built around and over the excavated floor of a Pawnee earth lodge. As you walk around the perimeter of the lodge, exhibits tell the story of the Pawnee people and the history of the site. View a rare sacred Pawnee bundle and other Pawnee artifacts and photos. Listen as the voice of a Pawnee elder describes her people's culture. After viewing the museum, take a walk along the path that winds through the depressions where other earth lodges once stood. Then stroll the Kitkahakis nature trail and let your imagination take you back to the time when the Kitkahaka Pawnee walked these same trails in search of game, returned from a raid, or went to the garden areas to farm. The nature trail includes a picnic area.

Interactive displayA computer display in the museum lobby allows visitors to deepen their understanding of native cultures. View short videos of the archeological excavation that took place at the site in June 2008. Listen to and learn several words from the disappearing Pawnee language, including both the Skidi and South Bands dialects, or hear a 1930 Pawnee oration by Henry Chapman. Explore the Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and concerns about American Indian remains while watching the award-winning 10-minute video Bones of Contention; Battling for Human Dignity at the Salina Indian Burial Pit

Visitors can also use a hand-held viewer to examine stereographs of Pawnee men, women, children, and their earth lodge homes.

Other related exhibits

  • Cool Things - Pawnee Sacred Bundle
  • Edward Curtis: Unpublished Photographs
    March 12 - September 1, 2014
    Photographer Edward S. Curtis took more than 40,000 photographs of at least 80 American Indian tribes for The North American Indian, his 20-volume set of books published 1907 - 1930. Several photographs that were not included in the set were recently made available to the public. A large selection of these unpublished photos will be on display at Pawnee Indian Museum.

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