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Read Kansas! Primary - P-5 Kansas Crops

The purpose of this lesson is to teach first grade students about the four main crops grown in Kansas and the foods they produce. The lesson also focuses the student’s attention on reading expository texts and sequencing. The lesson is divided into several short lessons over four days but can be completed in fewer days if the teacher so desires.

Kansas Crops:  From Seeds to FoodKansas Crops: From Seeds to Food












Card 1 PDFCard 4 PDF














To view a PDF of the front and back of each image, click on the card.

Kansas History, Government and Social Studies Standards:

Standard #4: Societies experience continuity and change over time.

  • 4.4: The student will recognize and evaluate continuity and change over time and its impact on individuals, institutions, communities, states, and nations.

Kansas College and Career Ready Standards:

  • RI.1.3: The student will describe the connection between two individuals, events, ideas, or pieces of information in a text.

Lesson plan

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