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American Indian History

Cheyenne ledger page drawn by Wild Hog and others, 1879

General Guides


  • George Remsburg Papers, 1891-1941Remsburg identified all of the important Indian village sites of the Kaw, Kickapoo and other prominent Indian tribes in Eastern Kansas.

Dr. Abraham Still, Shawnee Methodist Mission, 1850sMissions


Indian Removal

  • James Burnett Abbott, 1815-1899 (MF)Shawnee Indian Agent, 1861-1866
  • William Clark Papers, 1807-1855 (MF)Records of Superintendent of Indian Affairs in St. Louis, commonly called the "Clark Papers" after William Clark, who was superintendent from 1807-1838. This collection documents the removal of tribes east of the Mississippi River to the Indian Territory, which included present-day Kansas.
  • Samuel Johnson Crawford, 1867-1910Kansas Governor Samuel Crawford resigned from office in 1868 to organize the 19th Kansas Cavalry and join General Sheridan on his winter campaign.

Civil War


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Haskell Indian Nations University Library, Lawrence, Kansas