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The Kansas Historical Society has been collecting records since 1875. Most of those records are available for the public to search to explore the state’s fascinating past. Our collections span the breadth of Kansas history and include resources on historic buildings, family history, communities, Bleeding Kansas and the Civil War, to name a few, including Kansas Memory, our digital archives. Some information can be access online. Other information is available onsite in Topeka. This section provides further details about how to research the Historical Society’s collections. You can find a numbers of articles online through our publications and Kansapedia. If you are just beginning the research process and uncertain where to begin, you can find research tips or ask a research question. We are happy to point you in the right direction!

Online collections - materials on our websites and our partners

Genealogy indexes and guides - tools to help with your family history search


Plan your visit - how to prepare for an onsite visit to Topeka


Kansapedia - online encyclopedia of Kansas history

Articles - publications available online