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Sleeping Heroes - State standards

Scope and Sequence addressed by the Sleeping Heroes project:

Third Communities local history
  • Community connections
  • Communities beginnings
  • Names of community institutions
  • Parks, ball fields, etc.
  • Enlist community leaders to discuss how the community began
  • Enlist local collaborators
Fourth Kansas and regions of the U.S.
  • Community and state history
  • Visit to the cemetery
  • Identify Civil War grave sites
  • Identify Civil War veterans
  • Visit local Historical Society
Seventh Kansas history/government; world geography
  • Community history
  • Begin research on Civil War veterans in community cemetery
  • Mapping veteran migration to community
  • GPS map/photography veterans' graves
  • Research and genealogy of soldiers
  • Enlist local veterans organization
  • Visit homesteads and local historic sites
Eighth U.S. history (1800-1900)
  • Create resources for local historical society on Civil War veterans
  • Research and report on veterans buried in local cemeteries
  • Reach out to community groups
  • Create presentations for community groups and historical societies

Kansas History, Government and Social Studies Standards

Standard #3 Societies are shaped by beliefs, ideas, and diversity.

  • 3.1 The student will recognize and evaluate significant beliefs, contributions, and ideas of the many diverse peoples and groups and their impact on individuals, communities, states, and nations.
  • 3.2 The student will draw conclusions about significant beliefs, contributions, and ideas, analyzing the origins and context under which these competing ideals were reached and the multiple perspectives from which they come.
  • 3.3 The student will investigate specific beliefs, contributions, ideas, and/or diverse populations and connect those beliefs, contributions, ideas and/or diversity to contemporary issues.
  • 3.4 The student will use his/her understanding of those beliefs, contributions, ideas, and diversity to justify or define how community, state, national, and international ideals shape contemporary society.