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Sleeping Heroes

IFirst Lieutenant William Dominick Matthews, circa 1863n recognition of the 150 anniversary of the Civil War, 2011 – 2015, the Kansas Historical Society, along with its partners, is encouraging Kansas teachers to have their students research Civil War veterans in their community.  Kansas’ connection to the Civil War is unique.  Kansas Territory witnessed bloodshed over the expansion of slavery—some claim the Civil War actually started in Kansas.  After the war, Kansas earned the nickname, “the soldier state,” because so many Civil War veterans settled here.

With this project, students will help document information about the contributions made by Civil War veterans in Kansas through the online database.  The project also provides students an opportunity to see the practical applications of conducting historical research using primary sources.

8th Kansas Volunteer Infantry, Company E. soldiers, 1862




The "Sleeping Heroes" project is a fabulous way to get students out of the classroom and involved in learning their local history, while at the same time acquiring much needed research skills for the 21st Century.  I can't wait to use this project model with my students as we study our local heroes from the Civil War.—Nate McAlister, Royal Valley history teacher, 2010 National History Teacher of the Year