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Valentine Diners - Arizona


  • Business name: Route 66 Diner
  • Street address: Arizona Parks Estates #26
  • Open or closed: Open
  • History: The diner originally had 8 stools, but additions have increased the seating to 60. It was first located in Holbrook, AZ, in 1946 and later moved to St. Johns. Ena and Frank Middleton, the current owners, purchased it in 1988 and brought it to Sanders. The Route 66 Diner is the home of the Giant 66er Burger, a three-quarter pounder. Heartier appetites can order the Double 66er with cheese. The Navajo Taco is for those who would like to try something different.
  • Model / serial number: Unknown / 548
  • Images:
    Route 66 Guide
    Flickr photostream.

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