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Valentine Diners - North Central Kansas

Guy Manos Liquor Store


  • Business name: Guy Manos Liquor Store
  • Street address: 200 block of South Grand; currently in storage
  • Open or closed: Closed
  • History: Before being moved into storage in September, 2001, this building sat in the 200 block of South Grand in Lyons for nearly 50 years.
  • Originally it was occupied by Guy Manos as a liquor store, and continued as such under other operators. Last uses included a barbecue restaurant and a sno-cone outlet. The Manos family retained ownership of the diner and in 2001 donated it to the Rice County Historical Society which planned to restore it. Those plans fell through and the current status of the building is unknown

  • Model / serial number: Liquor Store / Unknown
  • Additional images:
    Exterior, opposite side view

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