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Potawatomi Mission, TopekaPotawatomi Mission, TopekaPotawatomi Mission, Topeka

Potawatomi Mission

The Kansas Historical Society's headquarters are located at the site of the Potawatomi Mission. Built in 1847, the mission was operated as a boarding school for children of the Potawatomi and other native people who had been forced west by the federal government in the 1830s.

While the mission is closed to the public, it is located on the Historical Society's 2.5 nature trail. Near the mission are picnic tables and a playground.

Nature Trail

On the Oregon-California Trail, this 2.5 mile hiking trail offers a place for exercise and relaxation.

Kansas Historical Society's nature trailhead

Prairie Dell Farm

Formerly Prairie Dell Farm, it once was among the top stables in the nation.

Stach School

This one-room school is on the Historical Society's nature trail.

Stach School, Topeka