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KSHS Staff Directory -- Cultural Resources

Anderson, Rick  National Register Historian 
Atwater, Grady  Site Administrator, John Brown Museum 
Barry, Patrick  Senior Administrative Assistant 
Berg, Lisa A.  Historic Sites Supervisor 
Brentano, Joe  Site Administrator, Grinter Place 
Brown, Gwen  Site Admin., Shawnee Indian Mission -  
Childs, Eric  Site Administrator, First Territorial Capitol 
Chinn, Jennie  State Historic Preservation Officer 
Collins, Cheryl  Site Administrator, Goodnow House 
Garst, Christine  Archeologist 
Gould, Richard  Site Administrator, Pawnee Indian Museum 
Hoard, Robert  State Archeologist 
Honeyman, Mary  Site Administrator, Kaw Mission 
Hunter, Sarah  Review and Compliance Coordinator 
Johnston, Kristen  Historic Tax Credit Specialist 
Longofono, Marsha  Senior Administrative Assistant 
Loughlin, Amanda  Historic Preservation Survey Coordinator 
Martin, Sarah  National Register Coordinator 
Neal, Tami  Site Administrator, Mine Creek Battlefield 
Powell, Gina S.  Contract Archeologist 
Price, Ken  Architect 
Ringler, Katrina  Historic Preservation Grants Manager 
Rues, Tim  Site Administrator, Constitution Hall 
Schmeidler, Connie  Tour Guide, Fort Hays 
Waggoner, Tricia  Highway Archeologist 
Weston, Tim  Historic Preservation Archeologist 
Wilk, Ken  Site Administrator, Red Rocks 
Wulfkuhle, Virginia  Public Archeologist 
Younger, Tammy  Tour Guide, Fort Hays 
Zollner, Patrick  Division Director, Cultural Resources