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KSHS Staff Directory -- Foundation

Brant, Renee  Development Coordinator 
Christman, Don  Accountant 
Cole, Nancy  Accountant 
Conant, Meaghan  Retail Coordinator 
Ellis, Tom  Director of Development 
Hazen, Martin  Museum Store Associate 
Henley, Vicky  Executive Director and CEO, Kansas Historical Foundation 
Hudgens, Susan  Museum Store Associate 
Mackey, Amanda  Museum Store Associate 
Mahoney, Susan  Director of Operations 
McMillin, Christopher  Capitol Visitor Center Guide 
Oroke, Deacon  Capitol Store Associate 
Seago, Marissa  Museum Store Associate 
Stillings, Cindy  Executive Assistant, Kansas Historical Foundation 
Waddle, Donna  Museum Store Associate 
Welch, Randy  Capitol Store Associate