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African American History

Learn how African Americans influenced national events and helped to settle the Kansas frontier.

Kansas Museum of History - Exhibits telling the stories of Black soldiers who fought for Kansas and Black settlers who sought freedom in Kansas.

Constitution Hall State Historic Site - Where the passage of a proslavery constitution galvanized antislavery forces that ultimately secured a Kansas free of slavery.

First Territorial Capitol State Historic Site - The nation watched while the votes of antislavery and proslavery forces would determine the fate of the nation.

Fort Hays State Historic Site - "Buffalo Soldiers" stationed here were revered by Native Americans and proved their courage and valor during the settlement of the frontier.

Goodnow House State Historic Site - Glimpse the life of Isaac Goodnow, a leader in the Free-State movement.

Grinter Place State Historic Site - Where the interaction of cultures in territorial Kansas included Native Americans and African Americans.

John Brown Museum State Historic Site - A site on the underground railroad and where John Brown fought for freedom.

Marais des Cygnes Massacre State Historic Site - Following the bloody events that ignited the Civil War, John Brown came to the site to build a fort.

Mine Creek Battlefield State Historic Site - Where Union troops defeated the Confederates in the battle against slavery.