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Kansas Historical Society

Kansas Historical Society headquartersA state agency, the Historical Society will post job openings here in addition to State of Kansas. The Historical Society employs people in a variety of areas including librarians, archivists, historic preservation specialists, archeologists, museum curators, registrars, exhibits designers, educators, graphic designers, historical editors, historic sites managers, and maintenance and clerical positions.

State Application Instructions

Applications must be made through the State of Kansas Civil Service Job Listings. In addition to the Historical Society, this site also includes other state agencies.

Contact: Vicki Harding, HR Consultant / Office of Personnel Services, Kansas Department of Administration, 900 SW Jackson St., Rm 401, Topeka KS 66612, 785-368-6496; vicki.harding@da.ks.gov.

  • Senior Administrative Specialist, #80397, this position reports directly to the Kansas Historical Society Executive Director. Open through May 8. This position will be responsible for:
    - Coordinating the communication coming in to and going out of the office of the executive director.
    - Coordinating special and unique projects from a variety of sources; collecting information, analyzing the results, and preparing final recommendations.
    Other duties and responsibilities of this position include:
    - Assisting with the agency budget development.
    - Supervising several part-time employees.
    - Editing all correspondence, memos, speeches, legislative testimony, and personnel transactions prepared by the executive director and other management staff as needed.
    - Serving as the records manager for the executive director's office.

Kansas Historical Foundation

The Historical Foundation employs people in fundraising, retail sales, membership development, and clerical positions. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that supports the programs of the Historical Society. Job openings will be posted here when available and include information about application procedures. It is not possible to use the State of Kansas Civil Service applications for these positions.

Foundation Application Instructions

When openings are available, please submit a cover letter, resume, and three professional references to Terry Marmet, director of operations, twmarmet@kshs.org; or mail to KSHS, Inc., 6425 SW 6th Avenue, Topeka KS, 66615-1099. Questions about the position or application process can be directed to Mr. Marmet at 785 272-8681, ext. 209.

  • No openings at this time