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Kansas Anthropological Association (KAA)

KAA at 14RP1 in 2008

"Preserving the History and Prehistory of Kansas"

The Kansas Anthropological Association (KAA) is a non-profit organization of amateur and professional archeologists. Established in 1955, KAA has become a large and active group whose diverse members share a common interest in the prehistoric and historic peoples of the Central Plains.

The KAA has area representatives for six regions of Kansas and seven local chapters that hold monthly meetings. The statewide organization has an annual meeting during April each year. The conference, which includes a business meeting and talks, is open to the public. A winter Certification Seminar offers another educational opportunity. For many years the KAA has had a close working relationship with the Kansas Historical Society (KSHS) Archeology Office. Each June the KSHS and KAA cosponsor the Kansas Archeology Training Program (KATP) field school.

There are several KAA membership categories, including individual, family, student, contributing, life, and subscription. Benefits of membership include quarterly newsletters and an annual journal (The Kansas Anthropologist) with articles about Kansas archeology and ethnology.

For more information, visit the KAA website. The KAA mailing address is:

Kansas Anthropological Association
PO Box 750962
Topeka, KS 66675-0962