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Kansas PreservationKansas History: A Journal of the Central PlainsReflections

Other KSHS publications

In addition to the current publications, the Kansas Historical Society has the following current and former issues.

These electronic publications are free of charge.

KSHS eNews

This free electronic newsletter is sent on a regular basis to subscribers and provides information about the Historical Society's events, sites, and services. Coupons and special offers are included.

KSHS Teacher eNews

This electronic newsletter is sent regularly during the school year to subscribers. The newsletter provides information about the Society's programs, materials, and services that are of use to teachers, educators, home schools, day care facilities, and leaders of youth service organizations.

These publications are still available through the Museum Store.

Kansas Territorial ReaderTerritorial Kansas Reader

The Territorial Kansas Reader, edited by Virgil W. Dean, director for publications at the Kansas Historical Society, pulls together 22 of the most important essays and edited documents on the history of the era.



Fort Hays: Keeping the Peace on the PlainsKansas Forts Books

The Kansas Historical Society published a series of eight books on Kansas Forts, featuring Forts Dodge, Harker, Hays, Larned, Leavenworth, Riley, Scott, and Wallace. Each of the books features original cover art by Jerry Thomas of Manhattan. $8.95



Kansas FortsKansas Forts: Historical Documents for the Classroom

Kansas teachers can find new curriculum materials for teaching about forts and the impact of the military on 19th century Kansas. Kansas Forts: Historical Documents in the Classroom consists of 22 lesson plans designed around primary source documents. Special emphasis is placed on the interaction between different racial and minority groups during these formative years of Kansas' history. $15


Kansas Images: An Activity Book for ChildrenKansas Images: An Activity Book for Children

Teachers from across the state contributed ideas for this activity book on Kansas images. The worksheets and activities have been developed for use with children from preschool through second grade. $6.95


These issues are no longer published, however some back issues may be available through the Museum Store.

Kansas KaleidoscopeKansas Kaleidoscope

Published five times during the school year from 1997 - 2006, this magazine was written for a student audience.



Kansas HeritageKansas Heritage

Published quarterly from 1993 - 2006, this magazine provided a colorful view of Kansas history.



Kansas Historical CollectionsKansas Historical Collections
Kansas Historical Quarterly

Published annually from 1875 - 1928, this publication had 17 volumes.  The Kansas Historical Quarterly replaced the Kansas Historical Collections in 1931 with an additional 43 volumes. Publishing in book form ended in 1977 for a total of 60 volumes.  In 1978, Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains continued the tradition in magazine form.


From our partners

Kansas Anthropologist

The Kansas Anthropologist is an annual journal of the Kansas Anthropological Association with editorial support from the Kansas Historical Society. The publication features scholarly articles in the fields of archeology, ethnography, ethnohistory, cultural/social anthropology, physical anthropology, etc.