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Correspondence files

Creator: Governor's Office. Lewelling, Lorenzo Administration

Date: 1893-1895

Level of Description: Series

Material Type: Government record

Call Number: Unavailable

Unit ID: 193421

Abstract: Correspondence and other items received from the administration of Lorenzo D. Lewelling, governor of the State of Kansas from 9 January 1893 to 14 January 1895. Correspondence received includes general letters, official response letters from & letters concerning State agencies, and subject files; some proclamations are also included. Subject files include applications, endorsements, & remonstrances relating to candidates for appointments to the Kansas State Normal School (Emporia) (present Emporia State University), the Kansas State Penitentiary (present Lansing Correctional Facility), judicial, & other positions; county organizational documents; and letters relating to counties, crime & criminals, justices of the peace, lands, military affairs, relief aid, Prohibition law, and other topics.

Summary: Detailed Description of the Records

Sub-series 1. General (Alphabetical) File, 1893 – 1895. 4 folders (Box 1, folders 1-4)

Letters received relating to positions, recommendations, & vacancies; Governor Lewelling addresses; State contracts; the extension of State jurisdiction to former Indian reservations; the judiciary & judicial procedure; legislation; requests for information, publications, or action; politics; services & goods offered for sale; taxation; transportation; public lands; U.S. Dept. of Interior, U.S. Dept. of State, U.S. Dept. of Treasury, U.S. Dept. of War and interstate co-operation. Letters may have been filed here because there was not an appropriate place for them in the State Departments (no. 2) or Subject Files (no. 3) subseries, described below.

Arranged roughly alphabetically by surname of correspondent.

  • folder 1: A - E

  • folder 2: F - K

  • folder 3: M - P

  • folder 4: R - W

Sub-series 2: State Agencies and Departments File, 1893 – 1895. 22 folders (Box 1, folders 5-26).

Letters from or relating to State offices: Some of the letters relate to personnel, vacancies, resignations, and appointments, but most pertain to the operation of individual State agencies. The letters request the Governor to take specific actions, ask his approval, send him information, ask him questions, tell of events, provide legal opinions, forward other letters and petitions, confirm or acknowledge gubernatorial actions, and request the Governor’s presence. Topics include organizing another Kansas cavalry regiment, supplies, boards of directors, inspections, State offices, judgeships, audits, the State treasury, federal taxation, State payments, prisoners, bonds, and fraud.

Arranged alphabetically by name of State agency.

  • folder 5 Adjutant General 1893-1895

  • folder 6 Agricultural College, Kansas State 1894

  • folder 7 Attorney General 1893-1894

  • folder 8 Coal Mines, State Inspector 1893-1894

  • folder 9 Dental Examiners, State Board of 1894

  • folder 10 Education, State Board of 1894

  • folder 11 Fisheries, commissioner of 1893-1894

  • folder 12 Forestry, Dept. of 1893-1894

  • folder 13 Grain Inspector 1893

  • folder 14 Health, State Board of 1892-1894

  • folder 15 Insane Asylum, (Osawatomie) Kansas State 1894

  • folder 16 Legislative 1893

  • folder 17 Live-Stock Sanitary Commission 1893-1894

  • folder 18 Normal School, State, Emporia 1893-1894

  • folder 19 Penitentiary, State 1893-1894

  • folder 20 Printer, State 1894

  • folder 21 Public Works, Board of 1894

  • folder 22 Railroad Commissioners, State Board of 1893

  • folder 23 Soldiers Home, Kansas State 1893-1894

  • folder 24 State Treasurer 1893-1894

  • folder 25 State University 1894

  • folder 26 Worlds Fair Managers of Kansas 1893

Subseries 3. Subject Files. 1 ft. (70 folders) (Box 1, folder 27 - Box 3, folder 15)

Topics include applications for jobs, endorsements, and remonstrances & appointments to State positions; bonds; charitable & correctional institutions; cities & towns; claims; counties & county organization; crime & criminals, extraditions, and rewards; fairs; immigration; Indians; invitations; Indian, school, railroad, & other land; legislation; federal & State military affairs; railroads; relief; aerial navigation, forestry, livestock, pharmaceuticals, mines, silk, the State soldiers (orphans) home, and the United States government.

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Box 1, folder 27 Applications & Recommendations: Adjutant General's Office 1893
Box 1, folder 28 Applications & Recommendations: Charities, State Board of 1893-1894
Box 1, folder 29 Applications & Recommendations: Deaf & Dumb Institution, Kansas 1893-1894
Box 1, folder 30 Applications & Recommendations: Education, State Board of 1893
Box 1, folder 31 Applications & Recommendations: Fish Commissioner 1893
Box 2, folder 1 Applications & Recommendations: Grain Inspector 1893-1895
Box 2, folder 2 Applications & Recommendations: Health, State Board of 1892-1895
Box 2, folder 3 Applications & Recommendations: Insane Asylum, Topeka 1894
Box 2, folder 4 Applications & Recommendations: Librarian, State 1894
Box 2, folder 5 Applications & Recommendations: Livestock Sanitary Commission 1894
Box 2, folder 6 Applications & Recommendations: Penitentiary, State 1893-1894
Box 2, folder 7 Applications & Recommendations: Pharmacy, State Board of 1893-1894
Box 2, folder 8 Applications & Recommendations: Public Works, State Board of 1894
Box 2, folder 9 Applications & Recommendations: Supreme Court Commissioner 1892-1893
Box 2, folder 10 Applications & Recommendations: Veterinarian, State 1893
Box 2, folder 11 Charities 1893-1894
Box 2, folder 12 Cities and Towns: Argentine 1893
Box 2, folder 13 Cities and Towns: Atchison 1893-1894
Box 2, folder 14 Cities and Towns: Fort Scott 1893
Box 2, folder 15 Cities and Towns: Goodland 1893
Box 2, folder 16 Cities and Towns: Hutchinson 1893
Box 2, folder 17 Cities and Towns: Kansas City 1893-1894
Box 2, folder 18 Cities and Towns: Leavenworth 1893-1894
Box 2, folder 19 Cities and Towns: Salina 1893
Box 2, folder 20 Cities and Towns: Topeka 1893
Box 2, folder 21 Cities and Towns: Wichita 1893
Box 2, folder 21-A Claims 1893
Box 2, folder 22 County Affairs: Anderson 1892
Box 2, folder 23 County Affairs: Bourbon 1893-1894
Box 2, folder 24 County Affairs: Butler 1893
Box 2, folder 25 County Affairs: Cheyenne 1894
Box 2, folder 26 County Affairs: Clay 1894
Box 2, folder 27 County Affairs: Cloud 1893
Box 2, folder 28 County Affairs: Coffey 1893
Box 2, folder 29 County Affairs: Crawford 1893
Box 2, folder 30 County Affairs: Grant 1894
Box 2, folder 31 County Affairs: Haskell 1894
Box 2, folder 32 County Affairs: Jackson 1894
Box 2, folder 33 County Affairs: Jefferson 1894
Box 2, folder 34 County Affairs: Leavenworth 1893
Box 2, folder 35 County Affairs: Morton 1894
Box 2, folder 36 County Affairs: Neosho 1894
Box 2, folder 37 County Affairs: Reno 1893
Box 2, folder 38 County Affairs: Rice 1893
Box 2, folder 38-A County Affairs: Rooks 1893
Box 2, folder 39 County Affairs: Sedgwick 1893
Box 2, folder 40 County Affairs: Seward 1894
Box 2, folder 41 County Affairs: Sheridan 1894
Box 2, folder 42 County Affairs: Stafford 1894
Box 2, folder 43 County Affairs: Stanton 1894
Box 2, folder 44 County Affairs: Sumner 1894
Box 2, folder 45 County Affairs: Wabaunsee 1893
Box 2, folder 46 Crime and Criminals: Requisitions by Kansas 1893-1894
Box 2, folder 47 Crime and Criminals: Requisitions on Kansas 1893
Box 2, folder 48 Crime & Criminals: Rewards 1893-1894
Box 2, folder 49 Crime & Criminals: Rewards, William Wells and Jerry Scott 1894
Box 2, folder 50 Crime & Criminals: Rewards, Carl Arnold and William Harvey 1894
Box 3, folder 1 Claims 1893 (moved to Box 1, folder 21A)
Box 3, folder 2 Elections 1893-1894
Box 3, folder 3 Fairs 1893-1894
Box 3, folder 4 Insurance-Invitations 1893-1894
Box 3, folder 5 Legislation 1893-1894
Box 3, folder 6 Livestock 1893-1894
Box 3, folder 7 Military Affairs 1893-1894
Box 3, folder 8 Mining operations 1893-1894
Box 3, folder 9 Oil Inspector 1893-1894
Box 3, folder 10 Proclamations-prohibitions 1893-1894
Box 3, folder 11 Railroads 1893-1894
Box 3, folder 12 Railroads: Future Livestock Quarantine & Railroad Transportation (moved to Gov. Leedy's records) 1897-1898
Box 3, folder 13 Resources for Western Kansas 1893-1894
Box 3, folder 14 Tramp Letters-Kansas 1893-1894
Box 3, folder 15 Tramp Letters-Out of State 1893-1894

Space Required/Quantity: 1.20 cubic feet

Title (Main title): Correspondence files

Part of: Records of the Kansas Governor's Office. Records of the Kansas Governor's Office : administration of Governor Lorenzo Dow Lewelling (1893-1895).

Scope and Content

Scope and content:

The records of the Governor Lorenzo Lewelling administration consist of one series of Correspondence Files, 1893 - 1895, series 193421, containing ninety-six folders.

Items in the series are primarily letters received by Governor Lewelling; however there may also be proclamations and some petitions, reports, copies of letters sent, and other types of documents. The letters and proclamations are organized into three sub-series: (1) Alphabetical (General) File, (2) State Agencies and Departments File, and (3) Subject Files.

Documents that may have been addressed to Governor Lewelling but dated or pertaining to the time period after his term expired in 1895 may be filed with the records of his successor, Governor Edmund N. Morrill

The Alphabetical (General) File sub-series consists of four folders containing letters received on a wide range of subjects that were filed in rough alphabetical order by the author's surname. Contained therein are, generally, letters relating to the budget; accounting and audits; state positions; labor statistics; recommendations; vacancies; Governor's addresses; State contracts; the State militia; legislation; requests for information, publications, or action; politics; utility services; goods offered for sale; taxation; transportation; the railroad commission; public policy; liquor trafficking; women's suffrage and equality; private and public land issues; interstate co-operation; and water works. Letters may have been filed here because there was not an appropriate place for them in the State Agencies and Departments, sub-series two, or Subject, sub-series three, files.

Letters from or relating to State offices are in sub-series two, the State Agencies and Departments File. State departmental personnel, vacancies, resignations and appointments are included, but most pertain to the operation of individual State agencies. The letters request the Governor to take specific actions, ask his approval, send him information, ask him questions, tell of events, provide legal opinions, forward other letters and petitions, confirm or acknowledge gubernatorial actions, and request the Governor’s presence. Topics are general in nature and concern the adjutant general, Agricultural College (now Kansas State University) (Manhattan), the attorney general, State inspectors, dental examiners, State education, the fishery commissioner, the Forestry Department, the grain inspector, the State Board of Health, the Insane Asylum (the present Osawatomie State Hospital), the Legislature, the Livestock Commission, the State Normal School (now Emporia State University), the State Penitentiary (now the Lansing Correctional Facility), the State printer, public works, the Railroad Commission, the Soldiers Home, the State treasurer, the State University (now the University of Kansas) (Lawrence), and Worlds Fair managers.

The Subject File sub-series includes applications and recommendations for State positions in the Office of the Adjutant General; the Board of Charities; the Deaf & Dumb Institution; the State Board of Education; the fish commissioner; the grain inspector; the State Board of Health, now the Division of Health, Kansas Department of Health and Environment; the Insane Asylum, now the Osawatomie State Hospital; the State librarian; the livestock commissioner; the State penitentiary, now the Lansing Correctional Facility; the State Board of Pharmacy; the Board of Public Works; the Supreme Court commissioner; and the State veterinarian. It also includes files on charities; cities & towns, including Argentine (now part of Kansas City), Atchison, Fort Scott, Goodland, Hutchison, Kansas City, Leavenworth, Salina, Topeka, and Wichita; claims; county affairs relating to Anderson, Bourbon, Butler, Cheyenne, Clay, Cloud, Coffey, Crawford, Grant, Haskell, Jackson, Jefferson, Leavenworth, Morton, Neosho, Reno, Rice, Rooks, Sedgwick, Seward, Sheridan, Stafford, Stanton, Sumner, and Wabaunsee Counties; crime and criminals, including requisitions by Kansas, requisitions to Kansas, rewards, William Wells and Jerry Scott, and Carl Arnold and William Harvey; elections; fairs; insurance; invitations; legislation; livestock; military affairs; mining; the State oil inspector; proclamations; Prohibition; railroads; requests for agricultural - energy resources for western Kansas; and what are called "Tramp Letters" from Kansas and out of State; these relate to Lewelling's "Tramp Circular," http://www.kansasmemory.org/item/207957, sent to the police chiefs of larger cities asking them to be lenient with displaced individuals trying to find work.

A more complete list of contents by folder is in the Summary: Detailed Description section.

Portions of Collection Separately Described:


Locator Contents
027-05-04-05 to 027-05-04-07  1 ft. (3 boxes) 
072-02-10-01  Oversize box 7, folders 14 and 15: Lewelling administration (1893-95): oversize items from Correspondence received (State Penitentiary and Superintendent of Insurance) 

Index Terms


    Kansas. Governor (1893-1895 : Lewelling) -- Records and correspondence
    Populist Party (Kan.)
    Kansas -- Officials and employees -- Selection and appointment
    Kansas -- Politics and government
    State agencies
    Lewelling, Lorenzo Dow, 1846-1900
    County government -- Kansas
    Criminal justice, Administration of -- Kansas
    Criminals -- Kansas
    Municipal officials and employees -- Selection and appointment -- Kansas
    Tramps -- United States

Agency Classification:

    Kansas State Agencies. Governor's Office. Specific Administrations. Lewelling, Lorenzo Administration.