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American women's diaries. Western women

Date: [ca. 1821]-1901

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: MICROFILM: MF 4646-MF 4648

Unit ID: 49173

Abstract: Collection of 684 published and unpublished works by and about women in the western U.S. from the early 19th century to the end of settlement in the 1920s, including: diaries; autobiographies; biographies; personal histories; transcriptions of oral interviews; and transcriptions of Pioneer Personal History Questionnaires. The material on these roles often duplicates microfilmed material on other reels found at the Center for Historical Research at the Kansas Historical Society.

Space Required/Quantity: 0.06 cubic feet

Title (Main title): American women's diaries. Western women

Titles (Other):

  • Guide to American women's diaries, segment III, Western women
  • American women's diaries (Western)
  • American women's diaries III
  • American women's diaries segment III

Scope and Content

Incomplete Contents: Roll 30 (MF 4646). Randolph, Anna Margaret (Watson) collection [partial] (Readex no. KSHS0001) -- roll 31 (MF 4647). McCartney, Maggie. Diary, May 6, 1883-Feb. 6, 1884 (Readex no. KSHS0002) ; Crane, Gertrude Estelle Stevens. Diary (1885-1890), genealogy and memorandum book (1885-1989) (Readex no. KSHS0003) ; Crowe Sophia B[ennett]. Diary, Jan.-Dec., 1874, with accounts and memoranda (Readex no. KSHS0004) ; Evans, Eliza Pruitt. Diary, 1884-1892; included are family photographs (Readex no. KSHS0005) ; Hand, Julia. Diary, 1872-1875 (Readex no. KSHS0006) ; Lovejoy, Julia Louisa Hardy. Diary, 1828-1864 (Readex no. KSHS0007) -- roll 32 (MF 4648). Simerwell, Ann. Diary, 1851 (Readex no. KSHS0008) ; Brewer, Mandane [Williamson]. Diary, 1854-1861 (Readex no. KSHS0009) ; Allen, Chestina Bowker. Journey from Mass. to Kansas, 1854-1870, and notes about her included in the biography of her husband (Readex no. KSHS0010) ; Bellport, Mary Magdalene Bower. Diary, 1877-1906, with genealogy and notes by her daughter (Readex no. KSHS0011) ; Robbins, [Carolyn] Strong Kay. The journal of Carrie Strong Kay Robbins, Payson, Adams County, Illinois, from February 25, 1887-January 30, 1888, continued with notes by her daughter, April 1, 1889-April 17, 1901 (Readex no. KSHS0012) ; Davies, Anne Jones. Diary, 1882-1888 (Readex no. KSHS0013) ; Aberle, Mary J. Day book, 1874-1876 (Readex no. KSHS0014) ; Bright, Abbie. Autobiography dated February 1914; Diary, 1870-1871, as printed with Introduction in the "Kansas historical quarterly," vol. 37, 1971; her brother's diary with accounts (Readex no. KSHS0015).


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  • MF 691: Bellport, Robbins, Davis, Bright diaries and papers 1865-1914
  • MF 4646: KSHS0001
  • MF 4647: KSHS0002-KSHS0007
  • MF 4648: KSHS0008-KSHS0015

Index Terms


    Readex Microprint Corporation
    Kansas -- Biography
    Kansas -- History -- 19th century -- Sources
    West (U.S.) -- Biography
    West (U.S.) -- History -- 19th century -- Sources
    American diaries -- Women authors
    Biography -- Women authors
    Women -- Kansas -- Diaries
    Women pioneers -- West (U.S.)
    Women -- West (U.S.) -- Diaries

Creators and Contributors


General Note: New Canaan, CT : Readex Microprint Corp., [1997].

General Note: Roll 30 (MF 4646) is a duplicate with new targets of Kansas State Historical Society (KSHS) microfilm MS 1665. Maggie McCartney's diary on roll 31 (MF 4647) is a duplicate of KSHS microfilm MS 919.02. Gertrude Estelle Stevens Crane's diary on roll 31 (MF 4647) is a duplicate of KSHS microfilm MS 1302.02. Sophia B. Crowe's diary on roll 31 (MF 4647) is a duplicate of KSHS microfilm MS 799.05. Eliza (Pruitt) Evans' diary on roll 31 (MF 4647)is a duplicate of KSHS microfilm MS 1067.01. Julia Hand's diary on roll 31 (MF 4647) is a duplicate of KSHS microfilm MS 733.05. Julia Louisa Hardy Lovejoy's diary on roll 31 (MF 4647) is a duplicate of KSHS microfilm MS 702.02. Ann Simerwell's diary on roll 32 (MF 4648) is a duplicate of KSHS microfilm MS 1126.02. Mandane Williamson Brewer's diary on roll 32 (MF 4648) is a duplicate of KSHS microfilm MS 802.03. The diaries of Chestina Bowker Allen, Mary Magdalene Bower Bellport, Carolyn Strong Kay Robbins, Anne Jones Davies, Mary J. Aberle, and Abbie Bright on roll 32 (MF 4648) are duplicates of KSHS microfilm MF 691. The diaries of Chestina Bowker Allen and Anne Jones Davies are also duplicated on KSHS microfilm MS 1136.