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Probate Case Files

Creator: Franklin County. District Court/Probate Court

Date: 1856-1917

Level of Description: Series

Material Type: Government record

Call Number: Unavailable

Unit ID: 59361

Space Required/Quantity:

  • 38.00 Microfilm roll(s) (16mm)

Title (Main title): Probate Case Files

Scope and Content

Scope and content: These can include inventories and appraisements, letters of guardians, administrators and executors, bonds, affidavits, court orders, journal entries, wills, and other original instruments. The cases involve the managing the estates of deceased or minors. All of these documents were usually filed in a large cardboard enclosure known as a "jacket," which was labeled on the spine or front with the case number and plaintiff/defendant, then filed in sequential order. Case files form the foundation of information that was later entered into dockets and journals.

The probate court had jurisdiction over marriages, town incorporations, estates, wills, adoptions, mental illness, delinquent and dependent children, and similar matters within the county.

Scope and content: Restrictions: KSA 59-2122


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  • AR 2899: A-147 to B-605 1856-1917
  • AR 2900: B-606 to B-655; C-869 to C-910 1856-1917
  • AR 2901: C-911 to C-937; D-1126 to D-1169; E-1384 to E-1404; F-1668 to F-1686 1856-1917
  • AR 2902: F-1687 to F-1705; G-1905 to G-1944; H-2210 to H-2266 1856-1917
  • AR 2903: H-2267 to H-2297; I-2642 to I-2646; J-2825 to J-2846; K-3127 to K-3157 1856-1917
  • AR 2904: L-3304 to L-3337; M-3612 to M-3672 1856-1917
  • AR 2905: Mc-3675 to Mc-3705; N-4242 to N-4251; O-4342 to O-4346; P-4626 to P-4664; Q-4731; R-4968 to R-4983 1856-1917
  • AR 2906: R-4984 to R-5018; S-5511 to S-5596 1856-1917
  • AR 2907: S-5597 to S-5605; T-6168 to T-6213; V-6542 to V-6547; W-6853 to W-6885 1856-1917
  • AR 2908: A-1 to A-69 1856-1917
  • AR 2909: B-300 to B-383 1856-1917
  • AR 2910: B-384 to B-459 1856-1917
  • AR 2911: B-460 to B-524; C-700 to C-717 1856-1917
  • AR 2912: C-718 to C-789 1856-1917
  • AR 2913: C-790 to C-840; D-1000 to D-1002 1856-1917
  • AR 2914: D-1003 to D-1047 1856-1917
  • AR 2915: D-1048 to D-1098; E-1300 to E-1340 1856-1917
  • AR 2916: E-1341 to E-1352; F-1500 to F-1566 1856-1917
  • AR 2917: F-1567 to F-1578; G-1800 to G-1874 1856-1917
  • AR 2918: G-1875 to G-1887; H-2000 to H-2081 1856-1917
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    Franklin County (Kan.)
    Probate courts -- Kansas -- Franklin County
    Probate law and practice -- Kansas -- Franklin County
    Probate records -- Kansas -- Franklin County

Agency Classification:

    Local Government Agencies. Franklin County. Courts. District Court/Probate Court.