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Creator: nemaha county
Material Type(s): Government Record
Descriptive Level(s): Series

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
197044 Will Records and Index Nemaha County. Probate Court 1860-1925 Government record (Series) No
59587 Vital Statistics Registers Nemaha County (Kan.) 1885-1911 Government record (Series) No
191274 School Records Nemaha County. Supt Of Public Instruction 1939-1961 Government record (Series) No
59607 Scholastic census records Nemaha County. Supt Of Public Instruction 1923-1968 Government record (Series) No
197713 Sabetha City Council Minutes Nemaha County. City Council 1912-1950 Government record (Series) No
59606 Record of school district boundaries Nemaha County. Supt Of Public Instruction 1886-1951 Government record (Series) No
220139 Record of Sales of Real Estate and Property Nemaha County. District Court 1861 - 1936 Government record (Series) No
220147 Record of Orders and Receipts Nemaha County. District/Probate Court 1890 - 1892 (Series) No
220202 Record of Nemaha County Teachers Employed Nemaha County. Supt Of Public Instruction 1883 - 1921 (Series) No
220149 Record of Guardians Letters and Bonds Nemaha County. Probate Court 1859 - 1936 Government record (Series) No
220135 Record of Executors Bonds and Letters Nemaha County. District Court 1860 - 1922 Government record (Series) No
220203 Record of Common School Graduates Nemaha County. Supt Of Public Instruction 1889 - 1917 Government record (Series) No
220137 Record of Accounts When Due Nemaha County. District Court 1857 - 1945 Government record (Series) No
220132 Probate Court Journals Nemaha County. Probate Court 1857 - 1922 Government record (Series) No
220146 Probate Court Docket Nemaha County. District/Probate Court 1888 - 1924 Government record (Series) No
59599 Probate Case Files and Index Nemaha County. District/Probate Court 1857-1947 Government record (Series) No
192779 Police Docket Nemaha County. Police Court 1926-1964 Government record (Series) No
197712 Police Court Docket Nemaha County. City Court 1874-1900 Government record (Series) No
220151 Petition and Record Nemaha County. District Court 1903 - 1913 (Series) No
59605 Numerical Indices Nemaha County (Kan.) 1858-1973 Government record (Series) No
59604 Miscellaneous Records Nemaha County. Register of Deeds 1886-1951 Government record (Series) No
197042 Marriages Nemaha County. Probate Court 1861-1951 Government record (Series) No
197043 Marriage Affidavits Nemaha County. Probate Court 1887-1890 Government record (Series) No
197040 Journal of Daily Court Proceedings Nemaha County. District Court 1861-1977 Government record (Series) No
220138 Inventory, Appraisal, and Allowance Records Nemaha County. District Court 1857 - 1937 Government record (Series) No
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