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Creator: sedgwick county
Material Type(s): Government Record
Descriptive Level(s): Series

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
48642 Records of the Sedgwick County District Court Kansas. District Court (18th Judicial District) 1870-1886 Government record (Series) No
48643 Wichita Township, Sedgwick County, records ... Wichita (Sedgwick County, Kan : Township). Justice of the Peace 1870-1873 Government record (Series) No
48651 Sheriff's report of prisoners in county jail, Sedgwick County, Kansas Sedgwick County (Kan.). Sheriff's Dept. 1886-1907 Government record (Series) No
59176 Charter ordinance record Sedgwick County. City Clerk 1964-1989 Government record (Series) No
59177 City commission minutes Sedgwick County. City Clerk 1915-1989 Government record (Series) No
59178 Ordinance record Sedgwick County. City Clerk 1945-1990 Government record (Series) No
59179 Personnel policy manual Sedgwick County. City Clerk 1986-1986 Government record (Series) No
59180 Resolutions Sedgwick County. City Clerk 1971-1990 Government record (Series) No
59181 Zoning regulations Sedgwick County. City Clerk 1981-1981 Government record (Series) No
59228 City council minutes Sedgwick County. City Clerk 1870-1889 Government record (Series) No
59686 Abstracts of land sold at the land office Sedgwick County. District Court 1870-1878 Government record (Series) No
59687 Poll tax record Sedgwick County. District Court 1920-1929 Government record (Series) No
59688 Poor fund accounts and warrants Sedgwick County. District Court 1875-1895 Government record (Series) No
59689 Sale of school land Sedgwick County. District Court 1871-1918 Government record (Series) No
59690 School land appraisement Sedgwick County. District Court 1871-1886 Government record (Series) No
59802 Marriage Affidavits Index Sedgwick County. District Court 1870-1928 Government record (Series) No
59901 Marriage record Kansas. District Court (18th Judicial District) 1870-1984 (Series) No
59911 Municipal Court dockets Sedgwick County. Municipal Court 1974-1990 Manuscripts (Series) No
194960 Financial Report of Each School District in Sedgwick County. Superintendent of Public Instruction, Office of the State 1875S Government record (Series) No
196221 City Bills Sedgwick County. City Clerk 1872-1873 Government record (Series) No
196767 Death Certificates Sedgwick County. Public Library 1887-1910 Government record (Series) No
196768 Marriage Index Sedgwick County. Courts 1870-1927 Government record (Series) No
196846 Real and Personal Property Tax Assessments Sedgwick County. County Treasurer 1876-1898 Government record (Series) No
197103 City Clerk - City Council Records Sedgwick County. City Council 1951-1991 Government record (Series) No
197304 Petition to Repeal Chapter 86--City Manager Sedgwick County (Kan.) 1918-1919 Government record (Series) No
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