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Creator: shawnee county
Material Type(s): Government Record
Descriptive Level(s): Series

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
196653 Abstract of Agricuture, Population, and Other Statistics Shawnee County. County Appraiser 1945-1946 Government record (Series) No
216471 Abstract of Election Returns Shawnee County. County Clerk 1862 - 1871 Government record (Series) No
192401 Abstract of Tax Rolls Shawnee County. County Treasurer 1925-1931 Government record (Series) No
191136 Adoption Fee Book Shawnee County. Probate Court 1965-1978 Government record (Series) No
191133 Adoption Index Shawnee County. Probate Court 1866-1986 Government record (Series) No
191134 Adoption Journal Shawnee County. Probate Court 1893-1904 Government record (Series) No
191135 Adoption Record Shawnee County. Probate Court 1903-1935 Government record (Series) No
196349 Advisory Board of Health Minutes Shawnee County. Health Department 1902-1917 Government record (Series) No
191716 Annual Reports of the Fire Marshal Shawnee County. City Clerk 1894B-1932C Government record (Series) No
191731 Appendix A - Tabulation of Special Ordinances Shawnee County. City Clerk 1947-1957 Government record (Series) No
191949 Appointment of Guardians and Administrators Shawnee County. Probate Court 1923B-1942 Government record (Series) No
191683 Appraiser's Report for Sewer Districts Shawnee County. City Clerk 1887B-1897C Government record (Series) No
191721 Appraiser's Report for Street Openings Shawnee County. City Clerk 1894-1900 Government record (Series) No
191685 Appraisers Reports for Benefit Districts Shawnee County. City Clerk 1893B-1936 Government record (Series) No
191712 Appraisers' Reports for Street Improvements Shawnee County. City Clerk 1886B-1922C Government record (Series) No
191730 Automobile, Motorcycle, and Jitney Registration Shawnee County. City Clerk 1916-1924 Government record (Series) No
191723 Benefit Districts - Street, Sewer, and Miscellaneous Shawnee County. City Clerk 1923-1937 Government record (Series) No
192480 Birth Record Shawnee County. Health Department 1930-1935 Government record (Series) No
191709 Board of Education Funds Ledger Shawnee County. City Clerk 1881-1914 Government record (Series) No
198808 Board of Education's Budget & Financial Statement Shawnee County. School District 23 1933-1960 Government record (Series) No
191681 Bond Register Shawnee County. City Clerk 1866B-C1931 Government record (Series) No
191718 Bond Register - Internal Improvements Shawnee County. City Clerk 1927-1936 Government record (Series) No
192708 Bond Register - Miscellaneous Shawnee County. City Clerk 1925-1935 Government record (Series) No
192429 Bonds and Letters of Guardianship Shawnee County. Probate Court 1919-1944 Government record (Series) No
190592 Bonds Funds and Disbursements Ledger Shawnee County. City Clerk 1872C-1891 Government record (Series) No
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