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Creator: harvey county
Material Type(s): Government Record
Descriptive Level(s): Series

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
59803 Pension papers Harvey County. Register of Deeds [ca. 1891]-1927 Government record (Series) No
194076 Taxpayers Roll Harvey County (Kan.) 1897-1898 Government record (Series) No
197776 Citizenship Granted Harvey County. District Court 1907-1913 Government record (Series) No
197777 Certificate Stubs Harvey County. District Court 1907-1929 Government record (Series) No
191022 List of Residents Harvey County (Kan.) Before 1907 Government record (Series) No
197764 Final Accounts Harvey County. District Court 1915-1935 Government record (Series) No
191483 Real Estate Assessment Rolls Harvey County (Kan.) 1916-1953 Government record (Series) No
197756 Military Discharge Harvey County. Register of Deeds 1919-1947 Government record (Series) No
218089 Police Arrest Reports Harvey County 1933 - 1955 (Series) No
59146 Birth Registers Harvey County (Kan.) 1937-1943 Government record (Series) No
197770 Naturalization Oath of Allegance Harvey County. District Court 1939-1947 Government record (Series) No
197769 Naturalization Card Index and Miscellaneous Naturalization Records Harvey County. District Court 1941-1946 Government record (Series) No
197765 Probate Court General Index Harvey County. District Court 1981-1995 Government record (Series) No
197771 Naturalization First Record-Index Harvey County. District Court Unknown dates Government record (Series) No
198288 Index to Civil Appearance Docket Harvey County. District Court Unknown dates Government record (Series) No
197757 School District Boundries Harvey County. Register of Deeds Unknown dates Government record (Series) No
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