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Creator: shawnee county
Material Type(s): Government Record
Descriptive Level(s): Series

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
191681 Bond Register Shawnee County. City Clerk 1866B-C1931 Government record (Series) No
191133 Adoption Index Shawnee County. Probate Court 1866-1986 Government record (Series) No
191506 Records of the Topeka City Clerk's Office Topeka (Kan.) City Clerk 1867C-1972C Government record (Series) No
195105 Miscellaneous Documents Shawnee County. City Clerk 1867-1907 Government record (Series) No
196218 Dog Registers Shawnee County. City Clerk 1867-1901 Government record (Series) No
196248 Certificate of Sale Shawnee County. Sheriff's Office 1868 Government record (Series) No
191689 Funds Ledger Shawnee County. City Clerk 1869B-1910 Government record (Series) No
191708 Sidewalk Register Shawnee County. City Clerk 1869B-1882B Government record (Series) No
59817 Records of the City of Topeka, KS, Fire Department : 1870-c. 1973 <i>[sic]</i> Topeka (Kan.). Fire Department 1870-2001 (bulk 1890-2001) Government record (Series) No
191724 Licenses Issued Shawnee County. City Clerk 1870-1887 Government record (Series) No
59709 Probate Records, Various Shawnee County. District/Probate Court 1870-1918 Government record (Series) No
190592 Bonds Funds and Disbursements Ledger Shawnee County. City Clerk 1872C-1891 Government record (Series) No
191382 Teachers Daily Register - District Number 54 Shawnee County. Supt Of Public Instruction 1872-1875 Government record (Series) No
192413 Tax Rolls - Railroads and Utilities Shawnee County. County Treasurer 1874-1936 Government record (Series) No
59703 Naturalization Declarations of Intention Shawnee County (Kan.) 1876-1888, 1903-1906 Government record (Series) No
196247 School and Class Register Shawnee County. Supt Of Public Instruction 1876-1882 Government record (Series) No
192385 Clerks Register of Claims Shawnee County. Clerk's Office 1877-1936 Government record (Series) No
192384 Stray Record Shawnee County. Justice of Peace 1879-1899 Government record (Series) No
194299 Files Regarding McKinley, Curtis, and Quincy Schools Shawnee County. School District 501 (Topeka) 1880-1970 Government record (Series) No
59912 Receiving book Shawnee County. Register of Deeds 1880-1890 Manuscripts (Series) No
190603 Fire Department - Record of Building Permits Shawnee County. City Clerk 1880B-1968 Government record (Series) No
190602 Fire Department - Street Indexes To Building Permits Topeka (Kan.). Fire Department 1880-1926 Government record (Series) No
220318 Rossville City Council Minutes and Ordinances Shawnee County (Kan.) 1881 - 2001 (Series) No
192452 Lunacy Record Shawnee County. Probate Court 1881-1948 Government record (Series) No
191709 Board of Education Funds Ledger Shawnee County. City Clerk 1881-1914 Government record (Series) No
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