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Creator: miami county
Material Type(s): Government Record
Descriptive Level(s): Series

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ID Title Creator Date Material Type & Level Online?
190873 Mechanics Lien Docket Miami County. District Court 1871C-1899C Government record (Series) No
190855 Miami County Sheriff - Miscellaneous Records Miami County. Sheriff 1947-1959 Government record (Series) No
190583 Miscellaneous Files - Road Construction, County Officials Salaries and Appointments, Federal Relief Committee, Pipeline Construction, County Commissioners Minutes, Cripple Children's Commission Miami County. County Clerk 1916C-1944C Government record (Series) No
190582 Miscellaneous Files - Tax and County Finance Related Miami County. County Treasurer 1890C-1940C Government record (Series) No
192494 Miscellaneous Records Miami County. County Clerk 1858C-1958C Government record (Series) No
190841 Mortgage Indexes Miami County. Register of Deeds 1911C-1917C Government record (Series) No
190871 Motion Docket Miami County. District Court 1869B-1908 Government record (Series) No
190576 Motor Vehicle Laws Miami County. County Treasurer 1931C-1935C Government record (Series) No
190811 Motor Vehicles License Record Miami County. County Treasurer 1914-1925 Government record (Series) No
59553 Naturalization certificates Miami County. District/Probate Court 1907-1929 Government record (Series) No
59554 Naturalization Declaration of Intention Miami County (Kan.) 1867-1951 Government record (Series) No
59555 Naturalization petition and record Miami County. District/Probate Court 1907-1945 Government record (Series) No
190865 Normal Institute Attendance Record Miami County. Supt Of Public Instruction 1897B-1928 Government record (Series) No
190852 Numerical Index Lots And Lands Miami County. Register of Deeds 1858C-1939C Government record (Series) No
192468 Order Book Miami County. District Court 1860-1871 Government record (Series) No
190578 Osawatomie Township Zone Values and Taxation Record Miami County. County Engineer 1920C Government record (Series) No
190577 Personal Property Statements Miami County. County Treasurer 1895B-1955 Government record (Series) No
190816 Personal Property Statements Oil And Gas Miami County. County Treasurer 1936S Government record (Series) No
195163 Personal Property Tax Assessment Abstracts - Townships & Cities Miami County. County Clerk 1888-1895 Government record (Series) No
190836 Plat Map Working Copy Miami County. Register of Deeds ND Government record (Series) No
191200 Poll Tax Warrants Miami County. County Treasurer 1927S Government record (Series) No
59559 Probate Case Files Miami County. District/Probate Court 1857-1917 Government record (Series) No
190853 Probate Case Files - Miscellaneous Miami County. Probate Court 1891C-1931 Government record (Series) No
190848 Probate Court Fee Book Miami County. Probate Court 1891-1901 Government record (Series) No
59560 Probate journals Miami County. District/Probate Court 1860-1919 Government record (Series) No
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